Inspired Manicure
A relaxing hand massage using Aveda’s Hand Relief Treatment.  Each nail is shaped with cuticle care performed to perfection. Hot Paraffin Wax is then used to deeply hydrate protect, sooth, soften and renew your hand.  Finishing off this treatment with the polish of your choice.

Regular Manicure
All the hand care of the Inspired Manicure without the Hot Paraffin Wax.

Youth Inspired Manicure (children under 12)

Youth Regular Manicure


Inspired Pedicure
All the care needed for your feet. This includes the shaping and cuticle care for your toenails, sloughing of skin, and the softening of calluses. Hot Paraffin wax is used to hydrate, protect, sooth, soften and renew your feet. Finishing off this treatment is a massage of your lower calf and feet using Aveda’s Foot Relief treatment and the polish of your choice.

All the foot care of the Inspired Pedicure without the Paraffin wax.

Youth Inspired Pedicure (children under 12)

Youth Regular Pedicure

Add a French Manicure or Pedicure for just $10.00

Gel Polish

Add Gel Polish for $20
Gel Polish Removal $10


*prices subject to change without notice*