Rosemary Mint Body Treatment

Renew your body and mind with this stimulating and nurturing wrap. Your skin is exfoliated, softened and wrapped. The experience begins with inhalation of Peppermint Singular note to liven the senses. A dry exfoliation using the Aveda exfoliation gloves. The body is then misted with Toning Mist followed with warm towels on your back. Rosemary Mint Body lotion is then applied with a massage of the muscle tissues. The body is then wrapped with with heat retaining blankets. While the body is wrapped the feet are cleansed with Rosemary Mint Cleanser. A scalp massage with Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate is also given. This treatment is completed with compression strokes and an energy balancing technique.

Body Polish

A total body exfoliation using Aveda’s Body Polish.  Beginning with a massage of the body to lift and remove dead surface skin cells.  The final result leaves your skin soft and smooth with a polished look. (Not suitable for those with NUT Allergies)

Aqua Polish

A paste of Dead Sea salts, and plant oils cleansers are used to gently exfoliate the body leaving the skin soft, smooth and re-mineralized. (This treatment is not recommended for sensitive skin).

*** prices subject to change without notice